Stock Updates

Updated: 2 days ago

Covid19 has impacted on stock control at The Curl Store, as suppliers around the world are experiencing supply chain issues and couriers are experiencing delays and disruptions. Unfortunately I do not always have updates to provide - but any information I do have will be included in this post - to ensure you all have the same info that I do!

As I Am - Supplier has been out of stock. Expect to restock all products by 25 October.

Bounce Curl - Supplier is currently out of stock of several products including Rose & Avocado Clump & Define Cream and Super Smooth Conditioner. Bounce Curl are not currently able to provide a firm ETA, however have given a loose estimate of 4-6 weeks (late November at the earliest by the time it reaches me).

Bounce Curl have agreed to send a limited shipment of Light Hold Creme Gel - ETA 1st Week November.

All other products will be restocked when Bounce Curl have stock available.

I do intend to stock the new products from Bounce Curl once they become available to retailers (Bounce Curl are stocking them exclusively for the short term) - I do not currently have an ETA for when these will be available in Australia.

Cachos Brazil - Restock due in November.

Camille Rose - Unlikely to be restocked before December due to supplier out of stocks.

Cantu - I will be suspending stock on this brand until 2021.

Curl Keeper/Curly Hair Solutions - Brand has experienced long term out of stocks due to Covid19 related supply chain issues. Whilst some items have been coming through, ETA for all out of stocks is Mid November.

Curlsmith - Order is en route. All lines (including colours) being restocked by 25 October.

CurlyWorld - I am temporarily suspending this line. Any restock will not occur before 2021.

Giovanni - Supplier order delayed. ETA 24 October.

Kinky Curly - Supplier has been out of stock. Order is en route. Current ETA is Mid October

Tee-owels - Restock by 25th October

Uncle Funky's Daughter - Curly Magic 18oz/532ml is currently out of stock with supplier, with no firm ETA on it's return. I have brought in a limited number of the 32oz/946ml sized bottle for those die hard UFD Fans - this size will be available for a limited time only.

Vida Bars - YES! I'm getting the new Vida Bars - They'll be shipping from the US to me during the second week of October so arrival online will be likely by the end of October. Keep your eyes peeled on Social Media for arrival announcement!