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Updated: 6 days ago

All around the world, supply chains, logistics and resourcing remain heavily impacted by sporadic restrictions, shipping delays and other issues. I understand the frustration this may cause when trying to source your fave curly products - but please understand these issues are beyond my control and (often) out the control of the brands I work with (which are mostly very small businesses creating small batch made products and can therefore feel the impacts much more deeply). Unfortunately I do not always have updates to provide - but any information I do have will be included in this post - to ensure you all have the same info that I do

New Feature! If a product is out of stock - click the 'notify me when available' button and add your email - this won't add you to any mailing lists, it will simply alert you when the product is available. It is also helpful for me to know how many people are wanting something restocked (I'm always reviewing the stocklist to ensure I'm only stocking the most wanted items!)

Boucleme - Next restock due late November.

Bounce Curl - Bounce Curl was restocked Late November. As Bounce Curl are currently out of stock of a number of their products, the November restock was partial - a further restock will happen in early December.

YES! I'm stocking the viral Bounce Curl Style & Define Brush. Due to their stock levels, Bounce Curl have restricted stockists to a limited number of brushes per order and per month. My November stock sold out in under two days! At this stage, the next time I can order more is 1st December (and then they have to ship); but as always I am at the mercy of brand stock levels. If you'd like to be notified of new stock arriving, please visit the product page here and hit 'notify me' and you will be automatically notified when new stock goes up online.

CurlKeeper - Due to limited sales, some items within the Curl Keeper line will be removed from the stock list. Accessories will remain in limited supply at this time. Drops will be quarterly. Next drop December.

Curlsmith - Next restock due mid December.

CurlyWorld - I have suspended this line and have no plans to restock.

Davroe - Curlicue has been suspended. Other items restocking December.

Flora & Curl - Next drop December (awaiting rebrand).

Inahsi - Please note that the Tropical Escape Cleansing Cowash has been discontinued by the brand. I have limited stock on hand and once that is sold through I will not be getting any more stock of this product. Due to a rebranding exercise, some packaging will differ from website between July and November and size of all products will eventually increase to 12oz (they're discontinuing 8oz sizes). All products remain the same (ingredients). Please note that the previously publicised November drop is currently awaiting production run by the brand.

JSL - The original sample kits have been discontinued. The new sample kits will include the new foam/mousse product. As such, we are awaiting final production run of the new foam. and a new sample kits being released. Any out of stock items from JSL (currently just buffs and gel) will be restocked at the same time.

Miribel - the brand has discontinued the scarves, so these will not be restocked.

Righteous Roots - Oil will be restocked in December.

Treluxe - Next restock due early December

Uncle Funky's Daughter - some items will be temporarily suspended due to high minimum order requirements with limited sales. Curly Magic will remain on the stocklist.

Kinky Curly - As many are aware, stock on this line has been problematic with supplier. Supplier has been unable to fullfill most orders this year, and have not been able to advise when stock will be easily available. I've sourced a dupe and expect this will be dropping in late November and will keep you updated on it's arrival.

Scrunch It: Please note due to current supply chain restraints at their end, not all colours/patterns will be available at all times due to stock limits with the Brand. Next Restock due Mid December.

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