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Updated: Jun 11

Covid19 has impacted on stock control at The Curl Store, as suppliers around the world are experiencing supply chain issues and couriers are experiencing delays and disruptions. Unfortunately I do not always have updates to provide - but any information I do have will be included in this post - to ensure you all have the same info that I do!

Whilst Australia is currently managing the Covid19 Pandemic well, other countries have not been so lucky and supply chains, logistics and resourcing remains heavily impacted by lock downs, restrictions and other issues. I understand the frustration this may cause when trying to source your fave curly products - but please understand these issues are beyond my control and the control of the brands I work with (which are often very small businesses creating small batch products and can therefore feel the impacts much more deeply).

Bounce Curl - The brand is currently out of stock of both the Hair Spray and Leave In Conditioner. I don't have an ETA for return of these products but will order as soon as they become available.

Camille Rose - This line will be suspended due to ongoing stock issues. Limited stock currently available will be the last of this line until supplier is able to maintain regular stock flow.

Curlsmith -

All lines are flowing through weekly/fortnightly at this stage and are coming in various shipments.

Please note - I have been advised of pending price increases by Curlsmith and these will be incorporated into my pricing. I will also be ceasing stocking the travel size tubes as price increases as well as increased shipping costs (which I have absorbed over the last year) mean these items are no longer a viable option for the store.

CurlyWorld - I have suspended this line and have no plans to restock.

Kinky Curly - As many are aware, stock on this line has been problematic with supplier, I am stocking every time stock becomes available, however this is not currently in regular supply (due to issues at Supplier end). These items will remain limited (2 per order) until supply becomes more regular. Next restock Mid-July.

Scrunch It Brushes - supplier is awaiting delivery of their newly designed brushes. I'll be getting those once they arrive (supplier currently doesn't have an ETA); I won't be restocking the older model.

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