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New Custard

There is an amazing new custard coming soon - it's got one & done potential, is a solid dupe for the consistently out of stock KCCC (but with added anti-humidity protection). It's currently in final testing stages before it goes into production. The sign up numbers will be reflected in the first stock order, so drop your details below to be included!


Note: this isn't a presale and signing up won't reserve stock (though this item might go to presale - people on the notify me list will be notified first), it will just give you advance notice. It also won't sign you up to a full mailing list, just the Custard notifications.

Thanks! We'll keep you updated on the Custard!

Bounce Curl Brush

YES! I'm stocking the viral Bounce Curl Style & Define Brush. Due to their stock levels, Bounce Curl have restricted stockists to a limited number of brushes per order and per month. My November stock sold out in two days! At this stage, the next time I can order more is 1st December (and they they have to ship); but as always I am at the mercy of brand stock levels. If you'd like to be notified of new stock arriving, please visit the product page here and hit 'notify me' and you will be automatically notified when new stock goes up online.

Thanks for submitting!

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