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The protein-moisture balance can be difficult to maintain! When you notice your strands snapping, breaking or lacking bounce, it might be time for a good dose of protein! With hydrolyzed quinoa and veggie-keratin proteins, our Matcha Boost protein shake will strengthen even the weakest hair strands.


How to Use:

Matcha Boost
Apply liberally to clean, preferably clarified hair. Rinse. Refer to table (in Pics) for recommended usage. For best results, follow up with Banana Cream deep conditioner.



Ecoslay Matcha Boost (Protein Treatment) 8oz/236ml

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  • Distilled water, Ceteryl alcohol, Colza oil, hydrolyzed quinoa protein, hydrolyzed keratin (wheat/soy) protein, Matcha extract, Propanediol, Hp starch, Caprylhydroxamic acid gg

  • CG Friendly

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