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There are real Quartz Crystal chips in ever bottle to help mix this magic potion up. This means there is no need for any dilution chemicals in the recipe, as it's infused it with crystals instead!


It's all Organic+Vegan+CrueltyFree+GlutenFree! It's the good good stuff. 


It is for all Hair Types, from straight hair to wavy to curly to kinky, to dreadlocks! It can be used on its own, or with any type of styler, as it nourishes hair, promotes hair growth, and delivers health benefits to hair and nervous system alike (hi, aromatherapy!) View it like an external hair vitamin, that smells awesome! It is even pure enough to be used on your face ... which is good since your hair does touch your face all the time! 



This Magic Mist is a rewetting, resetting, reshaping, revitalising spray for your strands. It is almost impossible to use this spray incorrectly. Use it on dry hair to tame and shape, and offer a little love to your scalp. Use it in place of dry shampoo to refresh after a serious sweat session. Use it on sopping wet hair before styling products to ensure frizz-free freedom and smooth, moisturised curls. Use it to rescrunch any type of curl, wave, or kink your hair is feeling that day (including braids, twists outs, dreads!) Use it when you want the smell of aromatherapy enveloping you, with all organic, essential oils altering your brain chemistry to relaxation and gratitude. Use it to watch as your little frizzes and baby hairs fall right into place. If you can think it, you can use it.

Witch I Love Your Hair 236ml/8oz

  • Distilled, Double Filtered Mountain Water, USDA Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil, USDA Certified Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, USDA Certified Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, USDA Certified Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil, USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil, Cleansed Quartz Crystal Chips, Love, Hair Hope For All, Good Energy

  • CG Friendly

    Protein & Humectant Free

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