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Why use The Rizos Curls Scalp Massage Brush? 


Benefits include:

  • Helps Remove Product Build Up
  • Stimulates Scalp & Hair Follicles, Increasing Blood Flow
  • Promotes Healthy Hair Growth & Scalp Health
  • Reduces Stress & Improves Circulation!
  • Supports a Healthy Scalp & Hair
  • Gently Massages Scalp for Deep Relaxation
  • Can be Used on Wet or Dry Hair
  • For All Hair Types
  • Made of Ultra-Soft, Comfortable & Durable Silicone
  • Easy-to-Hold Plastic Handle that Fits into your Hand
  • Cute Pink Color
  • Hot Pink Rizos Curls logo
  • 3 ¾” length, 3 ¼” width, 2 ¾” height


Suggested Use: Gently massage scalp with medium pressure.  Avoid large circular motions to prevent tangling. Pro tip: Use in the shower with Rizos Hydrating Shampoo on your scalp!

Rizos Curls Scalp Massage Brush

  • Made from Silicone

  • N/A

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