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Rizos Curls Pink Hanging Shower Comb comes in a hook shape perfect for hanging in the shower!  It is also easy to hold as you gently untangle your curls in the shower or apply conditioner throughout your hair. It is made in a beautiful Pink Translucent Speckled Acetate material that's super cute! 


  • Glides easily to gently detangle your curls in the shower!
  • Perfect for applying conditioner evenly throughout your hair!
  • Hook shape handle is easy to hold as you detangle & great for hanging in the shower
  • Thicker than most shower combs at 4mm thickness so it will last a long time
  • Pink Translucent Speckled Acetate material 
  • White Rizos Curls logo
  • 9" x 2.5" / 22.9cm x 6.35cm


Suggested Use: Use in the shower to gently apply Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner in your hair as you detangle.  Section wet hair & use Hanging Shower Comb to gently work conditioner through hair starting at the ends & working up towards the roots.

Rizos Curls Hanging Shower Comb

  • Pink Acetate

  • Some strict CG Followers don't believe in using any tools to detangle hair - for those that do, this is such a pretty option x

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