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NOTE: each turban is unique. This product comes in a variety of patterns, we are sent a variety of colours by the supplier. Colours will vary and are selected at random. 


This turban is a necessary addition to your curly girl repertoire. If you’re still using a towel on your hair, stop now. It is causing frizz and even splitting your ends. PuffCuff are here to help. The integrity of your hair is important. Dry your hair with this handmade, cotton turban made of t-shirt material. It’s as good as it sounds. It doubles as a thermal wrap for deep conditioning. Wear it while you run errands, girl. It’s just that cute. Since each turban is unique, COLOURS WILL VARY.

NOTE: each turban is unique so colours will vary.

  • One size fits all
  • Made of up-cycled cotton t-shirt material
  • Double Sided/Reversible
  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Item cannot be returned

Puff Cuff Double Sided T-Shirt Turban (Colours Vary)

Out of Stock
  • CG Friendly

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