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From Frizzoff (the company that brings us Curl Keeper & Curly Hair Solutions), introducing the Badazz Backless Cap.


  • Comfortable - Designed with a wide comfort band wrapped in fabric so your hair wont snag and your head will stay protected and comfortable all day long.
  • One size fits most - The elastic is very flexible and will fit almost anyone (even children). Wear your hair comfortably in a ponytail, half up, messy bun, or whatever awesome style that lets you rock your curls.
  • Quality - Designed in Canada using great quality fabrics and superior design. Made in China.
  • Protection - Keeps your head cool and protected from the sun and keeps hairstyles in-tact and beautiful.
  • Great for all curl types
  • A Cap for all curls

Perfect for Updo's, Half-Up Styles, Buns, and Ponytails

Curly girls will look and feel great in the BADAZZ Backless Cap.  Designed to fit all curly heads and textures, this cap will be your go-to for outdoor style and sun protection.

COLOUR           MATERIAL             SIZE* (CIRC.)
Black Satin       100% Polyester     54.5" to 60"
White Cotton   100% Cotton          54.5" to 60"
Blue Denim      100% Cotton          54.5" to 60"
*SIZE - fits most heads and stretches from 54.5" to 60" in circumference

Backless Cap

  • CG Friendly - as far as hats can be :-)

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