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  • GIVE YOUR DIFFUSER OR CONCENTRATOR A PERFECT FIT - SnozzlePro fits most hair dryers with a nozzle diameter measuring 3.8cm/1.5" to 5.7cm/2.25". Perfect for the professional salon, home, or travel. (NOTE: Please measure the diameter of your hair dryer nozzle BEFORE ordering.)


  • ELIMINATE ATTACHMENT POP-OFFS - No more duct tape or chasing after an attachment that's popped off in the middle of blow drying. SnozzlePro's patented design gives your attachment an extra-grippy grip so it stays put. 


  • FITS XTAVA BLACK ORCHID DIFFUSER - SnozzlePro's super-tight fit on the Xtava Black Orchid is designed to grip and support the added weight of a large diffuser. (Watch HOW-TO-USE tutorial here:


  • PROTECT HANDS FROM BURNS - Ouch! Burned your hand on a hot concentrator nozzle again? Made of 100% industrial-strength silicone, SnozzlePro is heat resistant up to 232°C / 450°F making your attachments safer and easier to handle.


  • EASY TO USE - SnozzlePro is easy to use. Simply connect the top (SMALL) end of the SnozzlePro to your attachment and slip the other end over your hair dryer. That's it!





Will SnozzlePro fit my hair dryer? SnozzlePro fits most hair dryers with a nozzle diameter measuring 3.8cm/1.5" to 5.7cm/2.25". Please make sure to measure your hair dryer before ordering or contact us if you need assistance.

What about the Dyson hair dryer? There's a "hack" that Leah @curlsandtwirlsfordays discovered for the Dyson Hair Dryer. You can check out Leah's how-to video on her instagram.


Does SnozzlePro fit the Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser? SnozzlePro fits the Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser and Amaxy Reviving Lotus Diffuser perfectly! Be sure to use the top (SMALL) end of the SnozzlePro on the diffuser nozzle for a super-tight fit and follow the "HOW TO SNOZZLEPRO" instructions here at


Does SnozzlePro work with concentrator nozzles? Yes! No more pop-offs or hand burns from a hot concentrator nozzle.



Tips from SnozzlePro:


This hack may not be appropriate for Older Model Dyson dryers - Dyson strengthened their magnets in 2018 and dryers prior to this may not have strong enough magnets for attaching this hack (due to the weight of the diffuser). 


If the diffuser is popping off of the SnozzlePro it’s likely needs to be secured more carefully to the diffuser. It needs to be pushed down tight—all the way around the diffuser nozzle until it’s snugged up against the diffuser head. 


The Dyson concentrator will disengage the SnozzlePro if it’s pushed down too far into the SnozzlePro.


Please remeber that this is a hack - the SnozzlePro was originally designed for barreled hair dryers.


For further tips & tricks, visit


SnozzlePro Universal Hair Dryer Nozzle Adaptor

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