The Scrunch It Curly hair absorbent cap is perfect for plopping wet hair after the shower. Amazing for sleeping in with dry hair to preserve your hair for an easy refresh. Made from 100% microfiber.


Scrunch It is the only absorbent after shower cap made specifically for curly hair!  Scrunch It is a microfiber cap that you wear out of the shower to plop your wet hair in it's natural curl pattern. 


The Scrunch It helps eliminate frizz and improves your curls/waves. Scrunch It is so absorbent that it cuts your diffusing time in half!


The elongated cap means Scrunch It will work for all hair lengths and thickness. Scrunch It will work on very short to very long and very thin to very thick. 


NEVER TWIST YOUR CURLS. Twisting turbans ruins curls and causes frizz. Scrunch It is made specifically for curly hair.  Because of the gentle non-pulling non-twisting motion of Scrunch It makes it ideal for weaves, extensions, crochets and more!  Scrunch It is patent pending and has been approved by multiple licensed curly hair specialists.

Scrunch It Shower (Microfibre Plopping cap)

  • CG Friendly