Double lined silk bonnet with an elastic edge to fit range of curly manes. Preserving curls in night time is crucial for a curly as that’s when your hair is exposed to friction the most. It is the perfect travel companion to protect your delicate curls in night time when you are away from your usual curly girl routine. Since it is double lined you can use both sides of the bonnet . That means less washes and longer durability.


Benefits of sleeping in a silk bonnet:

• Reduce split ends and the damage caused by friction

• Reduced oil and moisture absorbed from your hair and skin which helps to keep them moisturized longer

• Reduce stretching and tugging of facial skin and thus reduce wrinkle formation

• Naturally hypoallergenic material which is resistant to dust, dirt, and few other allergens


Majesticurl are dedicated to providing you with superior quality products that will take care of your beautiful curly hair. Majesticurl will not compromise on the Quality at any given measure and use premium grade Mulberry Silk (6A) with a thickness of 22 momme (95.48 grams per square meter). The heavier weight indicates the durability of the fabric.

Majesticurl Silk Bonnet