Gently cleanses and deep conditions your hair.  Leaves leave your hair remarkably soft and silky.


• Suitable for curly and kinky curly hair.

• Use weekly

How to use: Apply to damp hair and cover with a plastic cap for 40 minutes or steam for 25 minutes.rinse well and proceed with styling

Mahogany Naturals Extraordinary Conditioning Hair Detox

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  • Moroccan Rhassoul, (Anthocyanidins) Hibiscus, marshmallow root, ( Aloe Barbadensis) aloe Vera gel, ( Cocos nucifera ) raw coconut powder, African black soap,orange essential oil, sea weed, raw honey, vegetable glycerine, (Ricinus communis ) castor oil, conditioning emulsifier

  • CG Friendly Clarifying cleansing treatment.


    This treatment contains African Black Soap midway through the ingredients list (6th Ingredient). Whilst some CG's may have heard that all soaps are evil, all soaps are not created equally.


    The process used to create African Black Soap is different in that sodium hydroxide is not used to make lye / it is created using potash (derived from plant ash - hence the colour of the soap!). This makes for a much more gentle end product.


    Many curlies have been using African Black Soap with great success. We suggest you try this one for yourself!