Includes one Amaxy Reviving Lotus Diffuser and one SnozzlePro universal nozzle attachment.


Tips from SnozzlePro:


This hack may not be appropriate for Older Model Dyson dryers - Dyson strengthened their magnets in 2018 and dryers prior to this may not have strong enough magnets for attaching this hack (due to the weight of the diffuser). 


If the diffuser is popping off of the SnozzlePro it’s likely needs to be secured more carefully to the diffuser. It needs to be pushed down tight—all the way around the diffuser nozzle until it’s snugged up against the diffuser head. 


The Dyson concentrator will disengage the SnozzlePro if it’s pushed down too far into the SnozzlePro.


Please remeber that this is a hack - the SnozzlePro was originally designed for barreled hair dryers.


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Diffuser Hack Bundle (1 x Snozzle Pro / 1 x Amaxy Diffuser)

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