Hydrating balm to activate and enhance natural curls

Fortified with Kakadu Plum and Lotus Flower Extract, this lightweight balm works to activate the natural curl pattern, eliminating frizz while hydrating the hair to give the curl movement, and flexible definition.


Enriched with Avocado Oil, CURLiCUE Curl Balm actively detangles and deeply moisturises the hair to leave it smooth, glossy and bouncy, all while providing UV and heat protection.


  • Enriched with Avocado Oil, Kakadu Plum & Lotus Flower Extracts

  • Lightweight balm that activates the natural curl pattern

  • Eliminates frizz while hydrating the hair for curl movement and flexible definition

  • Actively detangles and deeply moisturises the hair

  • Provides UV and heat protection

  • Scrunch into damp or dry hair for definition


How to use DAVROE CURLiCUE Curl Balm

Scrunch into damp or dry hair, distributing evenly from roots too ends. For extra definition, work generously into section hair, finger coiling each curl. Let hair air dry, or dry with a diffuser for added lift and definition.


Can also be scrunched in for added hydration when refreshing the curl with CURLiCUE Curl Activator.


Davroe Curlicue Curl Balm 200ml

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  • This product is not CG approved as it contains isododecane which is an emollient but may not be water soluble and may build up on hair for those who exclusively cowash. 

    Those who use the paired Davroe Curlicue Cleansing Clay, or who low poo or clarify regularly should not experience build up with this product.