Clothing The Gap have had to rebrand (will now be known as Clothing The Gaps) due to a trademark dispute with Gap (USA Clothing company). I'll be stocking the new Clothing The Gaps Buffs as soon as they become available (no current ETA, but likely end October/Early November - the CTG Team have a massive re-branding exercise going on!) 


These Clothing The Gap Aboriginal designed multifunctional buffs are not only beautiful, they’re functional! This buff features artwork by Gunditjmara artist, Laura Thompson. The seamless design can be worn 13 ways including as a headband, bandanna and scarf and more recently... face mask. Perfect for overnight sleep protection for your curls, as a headband/accessory, protecting your strands during a workout or use in your everyday, hiking, training or a run on a brisk morning. What is Clothing The Gap? Clothing The Gap is a Victorian Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise. They are a fresh and dynamic fashion label managed by health professionals that celebrates Aboriginal people and culture. Clothing The Gap produce merch with a meaning and encourage people to wear their values on their tee. Clothing The Gap is a play on the words "Closing the Gap", which is an Australian Government health initiative to help close the life expectancy gap between Aboriginal people and non-Indigenous Australians. Clothing The Gap unites non-Indigenous and Aboriginal people through fashion and causes, one of which is to help Close The Gap. At the heart of Clothing The Gap is the purpose to influence social change that promotes equity and adds years to Aboriginal people's lives. Amongst other intitiatives, Clothing The Gap is leading the charge on the Free The Flag campaign - you can learn more about that here: The Curl Store is proudly donating 50% of the profits from these buffs to the Free The Flag Campaign. This donation has been made in advance of selling any items (I'm that confident they'll sell!) and if you'd like to join in and donate,